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PRS Guitars combine a rich guitar building heritage with modern tooling to deliver truly high-quality guitars. Paul Reed Smith develop cutting-edge technology and components that produce perfectly intonated & reliable electric guitars. View all information

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PRS Guitars had a humble beginning, built up from one man's ambition.

After making his first guitar as a challenge to his college music professor, musician Paul Reed Smith developed his unique brand of PRS guitars with decades of testing, rethinking and reinventing.

These impressive standards of excellence have been maintained, as the company has grown into a major industry presence, through strict quality control at every stage of the process and the pride and knowledge of the craftspeople in the workshops. PRS guitar production relies on a carefully considered combination of automated processes and hand crafting in order to produce instruments of the highest quality.

PRS Guitar News

PRS Guitars Celebrate 30th Anniversary

PRS Guitars are celebrating 30 years with a dedicated website offering stories from the history of Paul Reed Smith guitars and inviting artists and players to share their experiences.... More  »

20 Feb 2015 10:44

PRS Guitars S2 Series Models Launched

The new PRS Guitars S2 Series is made up of three models, the S2 Custom 24, S2 Mira and S2 Starla.... More  »

8 Oct 2013 10:09

Musikmesse 2013: Paul Reed Smith Launch the P22 Trem at this year's show in Frankfurt

Paul Reed Smith's new P22 Trem offers players classic humbuckertones and fantastic acoustic sounds.... More  »

12 Apr 2013 09:09