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Audio Interfaces will help take your home recordings to a professional level. At Gear4music we understand how important your audio quality is to your recordings - our range of audio interfaces and soundcards provide the best conversion of audio signal into a high-quality digital format so that it can be used in a computer.

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Although either connection has sufficient power to give good results, FireWire is known to be more efficient with data transfer. Popular Firewire interfaces include the MOTU Ultralite and the Presonus FireStudio. PCI cards are internally seated within a slot on the motherboard; as a result, connections require a break-out box/cable.

USB interfaces tend to be the most popular due to its connection being a universal standard.

Audio Interface News

Focusrite Unveil iTrack One Pre Compact Recording Interface

Able to record both guitars and vocals, the iTrack One Pre can operate with either XLR or Jack inputs, allowing the travelling musician unparalleled creativity.... More »

Focusrite's Clarett 2Pre Now On Sale At Gear4music

The Focusrite Clarett 2Pre interface is on sale at Gear4music. Adept at recording vocals or guitars you can expect consistently stunning performances.... More »

Avid Pro Tools Quartet and Duet Bundles Bring Massive Savings

Cutting edge interfaces designed to bring the latest in audio recording technology, the pair have been produce professional grade audio quality upon every use... More »