DISC Natal Spirit Fusion Kauri Drum Kit, Ltd. Edition Scarlet Sparkle

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  • Knot-Free Kauri Wood, Great Attack & Enhanced Sustain
  • Heavy-Duty Hardware
  • Limited Edition Finish

DISC Natal Spirit Fusion Kauri Drum Kit, Ltd. Edition Scarlet Sparkle


Designed and built to the same high standards as Natal Originals, the Spirit Series offers affordable drum kits with excellent build-quality and a selection of great finishes and adaptable hardware options.

Please note: Cymbals and hardware are not included.

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This Spirit Fusion Kauri Kit comes in a high-quality limited-edition Scarlet Sparkle wrap finish, with a setup based on a standard five-piece kit. The smaller tom sizes are ideal for Funk and Hip Hop drummers.

The smaller and shallower drums on the Spirit Fusion kit have a tighter sound for an extra punch. Like a standard Rock setup, the bass drum remains at 22".

Made with Kauri wood, from the same family as Cedar, the straight-grained, knot-free wood provides excellent resonant properties, providing great attack and effective sustain.

The Spirit Series features extended hardware options. Spirit hardware is light double braced and lighter than Standard Series hardware, making it easier to transport.

NRM2 Isolation Mount

The Natal Resonance Mount 2 is fully isolated from the tom shells. Every part of the NRM2, including bolts and screws, is isolted by a high-grade rubber insulator. This insulation fits inside the shell through bolt holes and washers the screws, dramatically reducing resistance and allowing for maximum resonance and enhanced sustain.

Sound waves travel with less resistance along the grain. The NRM2's vertically-aligned fixing points resonance is impeded less, producing more sustain and allowing for the tonal characteristics of the drum to show though.

Low Profile Bass Drum Mounting System

The low-profile mounting plate is flush with the bass drum shell and is styled for minimum surface area contact: small but perfectly formed. The internal nylon mechanism locks the 1" tom mount post securely in position for excellent hold during performance.

Spirit Snare Throw-Off

The simple yet elegant two-way design of the snare throw-off is traditional and built to the same standard as the Tri-Throw used on Natal Original kits, bearing the same iconic 'Sun' logo.

Spirit Lugs

The lugs on the Spirit Series kit also share their design with the Natal Original kit, but a low-mass version. Polished and finished by hand, they also feature the 'Sun' logo.

Double Tom Mount

The DTM that forms part of the Natal Pro Series hardware range has been adapted to serve as the Spirit tom mount too. Heavy duty and able to hold your toms solidly in almost any playing position using Natal non-slip aluminium ball, the DTM is engineered for strength and durability as well as ease of use and sleek good looks.

The Spirit Drum Kit is supplied with tension rods with nylon washer which help to minimise unwanted vibration and maintain tuning stability. Also supplied at Natal Spirit heads.

All Spirit kits are produced in the same factory as the Natal Originals, ensuring British quality and British designs.

Individual drums are available as add-ons, allowing you to create and perfect your own bespoke kit.