Orange Rockerverb 50C MKII 1 X 12" Combo Amp, Limited Edition White

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  • Limited Edition White
  • All Valve Construction
  • Switchable Output Valves
  • Two Stage Clean Channel
  • Four Stage Dirty Channel

Orange Rockerverb 50C MKII 1 X 12" Combo Amp, Limited Edition White


An all-valve, channel-switching amplifier with ultra-transparent effects loop and valve-driven reverb. This amplifier utilises a two stage clean channel with a four stage dirty channel. This model offers switchable output valves. This means you can swap the factory fitted EL34 output valves to 6L6s, KT88s or 6550s at the flick of a switch.

Limited Edition: For a limited time only, the Rockerverb 50C MKII is available in white.

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Full Description

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The clean channel delivers a super rich clean tone with beautiful harmonic overtones. It is also a non-master channel, much like vintage Orange amps, so when the amp is cranked the power section will break up and deliver delicious classic British crunchy Rock/Blues tones.

The dirty channel on the Rockerverb is, to say the least, 'Dirty'. Four stages of unadulterated filth in fact, but it is by no means a one trick pony. Going from full gain and winding back shows a variety of classic Orange tones, whether you're looking for metal, fusion, blues, rock or even country the Rockerverb does not fall short.

Orange Amplification founder Cliff Cooper has provided amps to many artists over the years, starting with Fleetwood Mac and then a whole host of well known bands - Black Sabbath, T Rex, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, James Brown, BB King, U2 and ZZ Top just to name a few!

Limited Edition Luxury Design

Available in a never-seen-before white Levant covering with traditional gold piping and gold capped handles for ultimate elegance.

Features / Specifications


  • Clean Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Dirty Channel: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
  • Reverb Control: For both channels (Foot Switchable)

Further Specifications

  • Reverb
  • FX Loop
  • Output Damping (Hi, Lo)
  • Failure Fuse
  • Output Power: 50 Watts (RMS)
  • Valves: Preamp = 4 x ECC83, Output = EL34, Reverb & FX Loop = 2 x ECC81
  • Speaker Out: 1 x 16 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms


  • Width: 55cm
  • Height: 24cm
  • Depth: 28cm
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